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Is Adaptive Tone Reproduction Equivalent To D-WDR ?


One of my Asian supplier market Effio-E (CXD4140) with D-WDR. Looking at Sony's website, I saw in the Effio E technical datasheet that there are no mentions to D-WDR or ATR being equivalent to D-WDR. I would like to know if I can assimilate ATR to D-WDR or if I should consider them as two distinct functions.



What is ATR supposed to be, exactly? I'm not familiar with that acronym. The datasheet you linked simply has a checkmark on the spec list indicating the chipset supports it, but doesn't state what it actually does...

ATR means Adaptive Tone Reproduction as mentioned here

you can find more specific informations about this function here

Interesting... it appears to be a complementary function to WDR, as that second link indicates it's implemented alongside "true" double-shutter WDR in some cases. It looks like D-WDR, plus some extra image magic.

Here's an excerpt from another Sony Effio web page:

It appears to smooth out differences in shading and is a compliment to true WDR.