Is Anyone Aware Of Any Mobile (Vehicular) Wi Fi Access Points?

I've done some work with mobile video (today I'm using the term mobile to mean in vehicle). Several mobile dvrs have network ports on them, but very few have Wi Fi for offload built into them. The units that do, aren't very good and have old and fairly poor firmware. I've been searching for years to find a specifically designed mobile wifi client device. The closest thing is a Deliberant APC 2Mi.. which is in a metal enclosure, takes a 12v input and has an external antenna connection. However, it's mounting brackets aren't great and it's MIMO, which means it would prefer to have 2 antenna connections. Also, the power input doesn't mechanically lock, which could cause long term issues in a high vibration enviroment like a school bus.

So, does anyone have any suggestions for a mobile Wifi client?

(If anyone from UBNT or other wireless company happens to see this, I'd love to discuss the more technical parts of this)

Check out Routerboard Groove. Has a single antenna, supports 9-30V and has a software selectible 2 or 5 GHz radio

They also have a rugged version.

Moxa has several options including 12-48VDC operation and M12 connectors. I don't know of many others. I'm sure someone may be able to chime in here.

By the way, what kind of antennas are you looking at? Are they being mounted to the outside of the vehicle? There are MIMO antennas specifically made for this, with two connections to one antenna, just separating the polarity. Like so:

You'll see only one external antenna on a lot of current police cruisers, now, because they're using a single unit for LTE, GPS, radio, etc.

Yea those antennas work well for moble apps and that AP from Moxa is nice but pricey.

Yes - I install Sierra GX series units in public safety vehicles frequently. They about $700 each, so definitely not cheap. The advantage is they're designed for mobile use, have lots of management features and provide GPS to a vehicle location system.

Here's a link: