IR LED Replacement


I am facing issues with honeywell Ir Leds. They are woking, but seems the light through is not enough. may be the LED have gone weak after 3 years. I tried replacing the LEDS with 930nm wavelength. They works, but the problem of long distance is not resolved.

Want to know if their is any specific IR LEDs used for CCTV Cameras.

Have you tried to get Honeywell to repair it? Why did you use 930nm IR LEDs? Generally those are going to reduce distance compared to the typical 850nm used.

Hi John,

Thanks for reply.

We took the camera to honeywell, but repair cost is equivalent to cost of new camera. May be they are not interested in service.

I will try using 850nm. Do we need reflectors to enhance the angle.

Sandeep, wavelength is one factor, 850nm should help over 930nm. Another factor is beamwidth, or how wide a angle the IR will cover. I am not even sure where you can buy replacement IR LED components.

You could buy an external IR LED (e.g., see 5 Low Cost IR Illuminators Tested) but you might simply want to buy a lower cost new Hikvision / Dahua / China camera.