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IR For Outdoor PTZ Camera

What are the min. Specifications for the IR that shall be attached to an outdoor PTZ camera?

Are you looking to add in external IR illuminators or are you looking for PTZs with built-in IR? For the later, see this example - built-in IR PTZ.

Using external IR illuminators with PTZs is hard and expensive because you have to use many IR illuminators to cover the 360 area.

Using built-in IR PTZs is challenging because only a few manufacturers make them (most notably Dahua, Hikvision, Samsung).

the selected CCTV camera is MIC IP dynamic 7000 HD with part# MIC-7230-pw4 and we have to add the IR illuminator with part# MIC-ILW-100. what do you think?

I believe this is it then:

That's a third type where the IR illuminators are mounted on the unit, allowing them to move / point in the same direction of the camera regardless of where it pans or tilt.

Product page for the HD MIC is here.

I think it will work though we have not tested it so there's not that much we can say definitively. The MIC is on the high end, both for features and pricing.

That type of attached IR camera is pretty rare because it does not work the stereotypical unitized speeddomes.

What else are you looking for? Alternative products or?

[Samsung Employee]

As John mentioned there are some PTZ camera with built in IR LEDs. The Samsung camera has 2x IRs that are focuss-linked with the camera lens. Thus, as you zoom in or out, the IR is focus on your target, providing illumination for up 100m.

This is a 2Mp/Full HD IR PTZ with 20x optical zoom. It requires 24v AC power BTW.

FYI, a new model has been announced that will have 32x optical and even farther IR distance.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

FYI, a new model has been announced that will have 32x optical and even farther IR distance.

This one? Says released already, claims 150M IR.

Yes. It was posted to the website last night.

Higher performance, higher zoom, longer range IR, and lots of other enhancements from previous version.

It should be shipping in the US within the next 30 days.

Model SNP-6320RH

Link to product page with spec sheet:

Well, the FLIR DNZ30TL2 happens to be a mighty fine unit if the FLIR guy says so himself. See this video: (taken by me) Enjoy the view, I did!

we have an established (and patent pending) Dual IR & White Light HD Ruggedised PTZ to 175m including 830 and 940nM options


this offers directional illumination designed specifically for the camera position - we call this Intelligent Lighting in that the LEDs are controlled by the positional data of the camera to increase and decrease intensity as required, rather than just the 'on/off' control that some manufacturers offer with their illumination.

it is conceptually similar to the MIC 7000 and we have them deployed in many verticals throughout the world, including environmentally challenging applications such as extremes of temperature.

You're welcome to contact me for further info !

[IPVM Note: Poster is from Bosch]

The MIC design/form factor has some distinct advantages. It's extremely rugged and weather resistant providing IP68 protection without need for pressurization. Unlike a dome, it has a flat viewing window that eliminates distortion and a wiper to keep the view clear.

The illuminator on the MIC-7000 is a combination IR/white light illuminator capable of providing detection at distances up to 175m (575ft). The illuminator incorporates our 3D diffuser technology that delivers even illumination across the entire scene.

And installation is super simple. Both the camera and IR illuminator can be powered using a single High PoE midspan, so no need for a separate 24VAC power source.

Additional MIC-7000 Product Information

I would like to chime in that Chris is one of my all time favorite product managers.

Videotec offers Ulisse a full line up of different outdoor PTZ cameras equipped with IR.

To respond to all application needs, different models have been developed in compact, medium and maxi sizes: with choice of analog or IP control mode, with built-in HD, thermal or analogue camera, LED illuminators option, absolute positioning sensors, 3 years warranty.

Here is a link to the Ulisse line up and to a product video

Depending on you required night viewing range, our Ulisse Compact is designed for short range application while our regular Ulisse for medium range.

If you havet seen the Videotec product line up, your missing the boat!

Great company, customer service and solid solutions that stand up to their claims!