Iqeye D31 ONVIF Stream Help

Anyone know how the Iqeye D31 Allaince Mini Onvif stream works? it seems to default to a custom stream with stream 1 at 30fps and stream 2 at 5 fps. A generic onvif manager doesnt find the camea. running latest firmware 4.1/0185 from may2015. is their a web address to change the defailt ONVIF stream? Vicon will not talk to me since i am not a dealer. i havent purchased IQ since the buyout.

Thank you,

Down load iq manager. This will get you into the browser interface to change any camera parameter.

support will talk to you, just have to have persistence

you can also go to the IQeye web site, make sure you have latest software

camera is pretty goof proof