FILLED: IPVM Is Hiring - Testing - Allentown PA

IPVM is hiring. We are expanding our camera testing. You can become a key contributor to our industry leading camera shootouts. This is a great job for someone who is passionate about technology and video surveillance.

The position is in Allentown, PA. While most of IPVM operates virtually, camera testing requires us to be in one place so we can fairly and accurately setup, examine and conduct tests. We will provide relocation assistance.

Job Requirements

  1. Extensive experience with video surveillance (either integration or manufacturing)
  2. IPVM member who has read and knows our camera testing and training well

Compensation: Our compensation target is integrator senior technician / manufacturer system engineer levels. In addition to salary, we also provide 20% SEP IRA contribution (which is better than 401K because it is automatic and requires no contribution from the employee).

Since we realize that there are a shortage of senior video surveillance technical experts and constraints on moving, if we cannot find a senior person to join, we are open to hiring a local (to Allentown) junior IT / tech to help the team. We are looking to make a hiring decision by February 15, 2017.

If you are interested, apply confidentially to

If you have any questions, post them in the comments.

[NOTE: This position has been filled.]

Would be great. I don't live in Allentown, PA nor do I have a beard. One of those things I can change, the other unfortunately I cannot.

Look forward to hearing who the new hire is.

I'm prepared to buy you a fake Santa beard if it'll make you feel more comfortable.

That would be great!

I assume you can change living in Allentown, but can't grow a beard?


That is correct :)

At least not a very good looking one!

Let's be serious, we would all love to join IPVM. This alone should be a vote, vain as it may seem I would still love to see the results of all the wishes and desires.

Consider how many of you guys are stuck engineering silly systems, or foregoing all the costs and deploying your own business with your name and finance stuck to that front page. Oh what a glorious information feed life gives you.

I think working for IPVM would be super epic desirable favorite song movie emotion experience that could happen.

Many of us look back at our years of integration and manufacturer dictated next steps knowing we always wanted that chance to take the helm and just smack these dancing sales reps revenue corporations in the face.

Design can now dictate the perception of start up qualifications like weak RFPs and design can also Samurai sword down the most vague promising SOW provided by your main leading happy face sales account manager.

Cohesion, procurement design and implementation ran thru value engineering life cyclel can bring us to a more successful reality.

Engage the customer and CO-OP the opportunity before driving the bus of unknown knowledge.

Sorry, off topic again. My TV just blared at me the trailer for John Wick 2.

"and just smack these dancing sales reps revenue corporations in the face."

Now that right there is funny!


Since I wouldn't quite meet the skills criteria or otherwise, (females look funny with beards), I think I could certainly meet the assistant to the assistant criteria! Maybe two hires is better than one??

Sounds like this would be a dream job... I'm going to be very jealous of the lucky person who gets selected.

#2, thanks and for everyone else, please stop with the jokes (beards, etc.). This is a job listing, obviously beards and physical appearances are irrelevant to our hiring decision.

Not to hijack the thread but bumping my request from a while back to make a classifieds section within IPVM. Would be great and a good extra revenue stream.

Good luck on hiring process. Great job oppurtunity.

why allenstown? i thought IPVM's main office was in Hawaii?

I would totally apply except not going to relocate to PA.

We do not really have a 'main office', physically at least, but we need to have a physical space to test cameras and that is done in Allentown and has been for years.

Good luck on hiring process.

Best regards!

Update: This position is filled. Rob started last week. He recently finished an associates degree in Computer & Network Support and has his A+ and Security+ certifications.

You'll notice him in this week's Wisenet X test:

And, as he gains more experience, we expect him to help us release more tests and cover more products.

Welcome Rob. Look forward to seeing and hearing more from you.

Congratulations Rob.

I have one suggestion for your future tests:

Blur out the integrators name in the background on the company vans, as it may be mistaken as a shameless self promotion by other integrators :),

see example below:

#4, that's our fault. For the record, we sublet space in their office but have no business relationship with them outside of being a tenant (i.e., paying them).

@Ethan, @JScanlan make sure that is removed, that image replaced and it does not happen again.

I figured it was an innocent oversight, just worried others may not. I am thoroughly enjoying this venue and would hate to see it jeopardized or tarnished in anyway.

That's been removed, thanks.

At least you can get lots of good info about Genetec

CSI (your landlord) I have heard is one the biggest Integrators in area

I could be wrong :)

#5, we get lots of good information because we are IPVM.

make sure that... it does not happen again.



Welcome Rob!

Billy Joel would be happy to hear Allentown is hiring again:)

Funny all the clips from that video are not from Allentown as Bethlehem Steel is in Bethlehem.