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IPVM Guide To Deciphering Spec Sheets?

Does this already exist? I'm aware of the IP Camera Specification Guide, which certainly contains similar valuable information, but I was thinking of something solely focused on making sense out of spec sheets, one page, that you could have out at the same time.

Why? Because J. and co. often admonish not to trust this spec or that spec, or give the translation of manufacturer double speak. Maybe do it as a graphic, looking like a hypothetical spec. sheet, but instead of actual values, show the IPVM take on the parameter.

What exactly am I talking about? This is my take on the IPVM take.

  • Focal length - Trust
  • Resolution - Mostly trust, watch out for xxxH resolutions
  • Minimum Illumination - Don't trust, but if it actually sounds reasonable, then the camera probably really sucks
  • WDR - Don't bother with this number unless over 100, then check it out.
  • Shutter speed - Trust, but anything really slow is probably where they get their low lux from.
  • Frame rate - Mostly trust, but beware you might not always be able to get max frame rate depending on the config.

Like a secret code ring.

Typing this out helped make a little sense of the overall formula applied: trust them if you can measure it with a ruler, scale or stopwatch yourself, otherwise...