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IPVM Group On LinkedIn Removed?

I may have missed that, but has the IPVM group on LinkedIn been removed?

Yes, we stopped using the group 18 months ago and deleted it last month. This is the replacement for it.

Have the old IPVM discussions on LinkedIn been moved somewhere?

They are gone. Most of them are either out of date or better covered here (in IPVM discussions or the site).

But... my jokes!

Internet excavators have unearthed a large and hithero unknown trove of Arian humor, stretching well into the last decade.

And now this Major discovery, once feared lost forever:

that surveillancecow guy is kinda funny....

...not as funny as Ari - but close. :)

I heartily recommend both influential authors to anyone considering a career in the highly competitive field of surveillance humor.

There used to be Sam Pfeifle, but he left the industry entirely.

Wow, I'm totally recycling some of these.

"Why does everyone in the IT field assume that physical security is simple learn and easy to dominate, and that security practitioners are technologically inept bumpkins? Must be the lack of obscure acronyms and multilayer knowledge certification process."

"Manufacturers are going to have to decide if their customers are integrators or security end users."

"Everyone in this business wants to sell Lamborghinis, but selling used Toyotas is probably a much more reliable business model."

"I guess if you had a limitless budget, you could completely blanket a (site) in cameras, although it would be cheaper to build Robocop and have him just patrol the (site)."

"Please understand that I am not criticising the concept. I am merely being cynical in public, which is my right as a New Yorker."

"...because John is either congenitally honest, fundamentally cynical, or both, all to often the ugly truth is thrown in our faces."

"Also, as a member of the Millennial Generation, my combination of narcissism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and obsessive compulsive disorder compels me to tell the Internet what I am doing at all times. I'm sure it must have been different for folks who fought the redcoats in Vietnam from atop dinosaurs."

question, are these posts actually from the old linkedin discussions or something else?

Have to be careful, despite his love of irony, with your spelling for Ari related humor...

Also one of my favorite Ari quips "Wow, their gangsters are significantly nerdier looking than our gangsters."

Damn you, autocorrect!

Is that from the time Ubiquiti got attacked by SWORD WIELDING gangsters? That remains one of the most surreal incidents in the industry to me.