Is There Going To Be An IPVM Calculator App For Field Use?

Is there going to be an IPVM APP for the field use. That would be great if we could show the customers while at the location how the camera calculator works? Just a thought.

Thank you

I would like to have a way to use the Calculator with an I-Phone together.

Yes, we are working on that currently.

Our main objectives for the app is to add ability to add camera to a person's exact location and take photos from the device's camera.

We will also attempt to improve usability but there are some important limitations.

Tablet should work fairly well, indeed, even as a web page it works decent on an iPad. Here is how it looks:

And here is it in on an iPhone SE:

We definitely can re-arrange controls and inputs to better organize them but with the screen size involved, it will definitely never be as usable as a tablet or laptop.