VMS Licenses Like Exacq Vs NVRs Like Hikvision?

I have installed various exacq and axis systems now and paid roughly $135 per licence for each camera added. I also have installed a number of hikvision nvrs and the latest the 9632 really impresses me. I don't see a big difference in each system. The features on 9632 make it essentially as efficient to record and retrieve video as any system. I do like exacq vms but do I like it enough to pass on essentially 3k to customer? Any input, which way to go, am i on the right path?

Gerald, good question / topic.

First, what are you paying $135 for? Exacq Start or Professional? I ask because this impacts price and features provided. For example, Start is under $50 but Professional would be around the range you cite. I guess you mean Professional, though, since Start is limited to 16 cameras.

We just finished up a test on Hikvision's free VMS software, the 4200. We find Exacq to still be more polished, even for basic use than Hikvision, though Hikvision has surely closed ground in the past few years.

To your point about the price difference, agreed it is not trivial especially if you are not going to use higher end Exacq features.

Hi Gerard and John,

My clients and I agree with John on this one - if the client only uses the system for basic record/view/retreive, the Hikvision proudct is pretty good up to, in my opinion, 64 cameras. I prefer to use a VMS for anything requiring more than a couple of NVRs, simply because I prefer more control over the hardware selection and like having the server manufacturer come out on 8 hours notice for the first 3 years.

Advanced features are really nice, but do come at quite a premium. I use Milestone at home and, while I love the advanced features, I use them maybe twice a year. I have a customer with a widely distributed network and integration with access control (Milestone again) and it works really well, but they are an enterprise and $20,000 for software was no issue.


I am in the same predicament: Customer has a several small/medium system and finds themselves paying much more for licenses than for cameras ... They react strangely to that and systems for up 40 cameras starts costing serios amount, most of it due to licenses, very quickly. And of course VMS manufacturers have to add those SUP here and SUP there and before you know it .. It has become a very expensive system. On top of that you can't back the darn thing up! For that you require the more expensive licenses that allow tiered storage and the like .. With the NVRs.. It seems you just back the thing up and can play it later if there is a need for it. I sincerely believe the VMS people need to wake up: Their pricing may not be sustainable in the long/medium run

Customer has a several small/medium system and finds themselves paying much more for licenses than for cameras ...

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