IP Dash / Backup Cameras For Emergency Vehicles - Any Exist?

Does anyone know of a high quality IP camera for front (dash-cam) or rear (backup) use? They would be mounted on various emergency vehicles (ambulance and fire) and used for real-time remote monitoring and on-board recording using a Synology EDS14 solid-state NAS. The front camera will be mounted behind the windshield and should be 720p with WDR and good light sensitivity. The rear camera will be mounted on the vehicle exterior (above rear doors on ambulance) and requires IR illumination and a wide FOV (90+ degree view angle).

There are many proprietary solutions but most require the purchase of expesnive DVRs and/or in-vehicle monitors that aren't required in this application. There are also high quality analog solutions, but the goal is to maintain a fully IP compliant system.

I have looked at the Axis P39-R series, but the form factor is awkward for front mounting and nearly impossible for use as an exterior rear camera.

Any suggestions?

Brian, sorry I don't have any answers for you but some questions.

You state that you want to use a particular NAS, and don't want a proprietary solution, so I guess you're just looking for camera suggestions?

The "IP compliant" requirement is your own since you'd be building this yourself?

Do you already have a solution in mind for "real time remote monitoring?" How do you hope to acheive communication with the vehicle for this purpose?

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the quick reply...answers below.

- Actually I'm open for suggestions on the DVR/NAS solution as well. The Synology has a reasonable price point ($500), fully solid state, and wide temperature / voltage tolerances so it seemed like a good unit to at least bench test for the application.

- On this project I am tasked with creating the project specifications and will function as the integrator, so you are correct - the IP requirement is one that I would like to stick with. I have done a few very similar projects using Axis 1 and 4 channel encoders mounted in the vehicle and connected to existing analog cameras and this has worked well. The limitation is simply resolution, particularly for the front-facing camera or other cameras intended to grab a view of the outside scene.

- We currently use Sierra GX440 LTE modems for internet connectivity in the vehicle. Our current analog setups use Axis Camera Companion which runs on the encoder and can be viewed remotely. Since viewing limited to an on-demand basis by 1 user, this has worked well (after the ACC kinks were worked out). My thought was to use the Synology unit in a similar manner, using the Surveillance Station package.

Again, thanks for the help.

"The front camera will be mounted behind the windshield and should be 720p with WDR and good light sensitivity."

Because of it looking through the windshield, IR is out, correct? Here are 720p+, true WDR, D/N dome cameras with lux rating of .01 lux or better. Though a cube form factor might be interesting, there are no true WDR cube cameras in our database.

"The rear camera will be mounted on the vehicle exterior (above rear doors on ambulance) and requires IR illumination and a wide FOV (90+ degree view angle)."

Here are integrated IR, 90°+ FoV, IP66, vandal resistant domes. That might be a good place to start.

Hi John,

Thanks for the info, and yes - you're correct that IR is out for the front facing camera. My hope was to find something similar to already available dash cameras for the front unit simply because installing a dome is a bit awkward in the front of a vehicle. Here's an example of an existing but proprietary camera solution (expand the Zero Sightline Camera panel)

A mini dome such as the Hikvision 2CD25 (as suggested in your list) might work well for the rear camera. We'll test this out.

Again, thanks for the info.

Brian, thanks.

That Zero Sightline Camera is pretty interesting. I've never seen an IP camera with anywhere similar form factor nor true WDR.

Embedded video and image below for others:

Brian- please check out our DS-2CD6510-I Ip camera designed for mobile applications. We offer this on a special order basis and it comes in white and gray.

contact me at bob.germain@hikvision.com for details. I can also put you in contact with your local RSM.


Sony have a nice small non IR unit. Works really well and is Poe :) Very nice on varying external light levels SNC-XM632 Minidome Camera Powered by IPELA ENGINE EX™ - Sony Pro

As Paul commented Sony XM632 is good but no IR. Here are some video clips that show what it can do.

SNC XM632 Road and Tunnel Hotorget - YouTube

SNC XM632 Road and Tunnel Hotorget - YouTube