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IP Cameras With Analog Outputs On The Camera

We have had good luck with this Panasonic model when we need to have a display monitor running, but other than this particular line of Panasonic’s what else is out there? Specifically I am looking for an IP camera that also has an analog output on the camera itself. We then use this device to convert the signal back to digital and display it on a redeployed/used/old computer monitor.

The Camera Finder says 301 cameras support this configuration. Though, in my experience not all of them are meant for continuous duty, just for easy setup/focus/troubleshooting.

You have to check whether enabling the analog output impacts some other performance characteristic, e.g. FPS/Mbps...

Thanks! Was not sure which criteria to use to search for this in the finder.

Agree with A, JVC has an analog out, but reduces 1080p stream to 5fps and eliminated secondary stream, so make sure BNC does not adversely effect your primary and/or second stream's performance.

Current model Samsung WiseNet III cameras all have an analog output. On a vandal cameras, it may be difficult to route the cable out of the body and keep the waterproofing, but it can be done.

The performance of the camera will not drop (older models did). You can still use multiple streams, FullHD/3 megapixel, analytics, etc... The manual states that it is not for continuous use, but it will work. I know many people who have used this for a public view display, easy monitoring, feeding in to a matrix, etc...

Take a look at the SNB-5004, SNB-6004, SNB-7004. They all come with a special 2-pin pigtail that plugs in to the back of the camera to give you a BNC output. There is also a setting in the menu that can turn the BNC on or off. Again, this is a throwback to the older cameras where the performance decreased when on.

Let me know if you need another body style, etc...

You have this option with most 7000 Series Bosch IP fixed camera models - both dome and brick style. Simultaneous output (analog and IP) is supported. Dome cameras ship with a BNC pigtail connection included. Brick style require a seperate accessory . The quickest way to identify these models is with the Product Selector Tool located here. Select the "hybrid" option under the Connections menu.

You need to be carefull with the specs. A lot of cameras say they have an analog output, and they do, but the output may be under the camera housing. If you plug a cable into it, you may not be able get the camera housing back on. These analog outputs are often intended for use in focusing the camera not being connected all the time. I have come across some that the analog output is a cropped down version of the stream going to the VMS as well, often because the IP steam is 16:9 and of course analog is 4:3.

Succesor model of the SP305/SP306 will be WV-SPN311/SPN310.

In case you need dome shape, Panasonic's 6-gen cameras and new 3-series support analog video output, too. (WV-SFV/SFR/SFN series.)

Some Hikvision IP cameras do have an analog output. Can't say much, having not used these.

Beware of the 'only for setup' availability of some of these CVBS outputs. Used a Bosch IP5000 Bullet intending to output the CVBS image into a legacy video intercom system (Aiphone) whilst having the IP image available on the network. CVBS image disapears after first login and requiring the end user to reboot on exiting network connection to restore. Not mentioned in the manual by the way!

Digital Watchdog / ISD cameras have a full analog out in conjunction with multiple IP full HD stram options. I know of one casino using them to store HD video on their edge storage while piping the analog stream right into their legacy encoder system for live viewing and long term archiving. Only downside is that the full analog out option is not available on their domes, only on their compact box cameras.