IP Cameras For Supermarket Layout


Can you someone advise me on what is the best brand and type of cameras for a supermarket layout.

I recently bought Mobotix c25 but these cameras are not as advertised.I noticed megapixel is just a marketing ploy.

I have some Bosch 1.2 megapixel cameras which operate better than the c25 from Mobotix.

David, Mobotix C25 cameras are generally panoramic / 360 so they are not going to deliver much detail that far. Even if it is megapixel, spreading out those pixels over such a wide area results in limited details in every direction.

Experiment with this calculation below. I added a supermarket floorplan and a 360 vs a conventional:

Notice, at the same distance from the camera, the 1.3MP conventional FoV gets much more detail than the 5MP panoramic, though the panoramic of course has a wider range.

If you want to cover aisles, generally higher focal lengths are better than panoramics like so:

What do you think? Let us know if we can help.

Thank you for the response.

In your experience, what is a good brand to use

David, it's first and foremost a camera selection issue, primarily focal length and resolution.

I am not a Mobotix 'fan', but the right Mobotix camera / lens would surely improve things.

In terms of what others are using, see: Favorite IP Camera Manufacturers 2014, Favorite SMB Video Surveillance Manufacturers and Favorite Large System Cameras 2015 reports.

I recently visited the newest and grandest grocery store in the area, 130,000 sq/ft.... My wife shopped and I pushed the cart all while looking up and taking a critical view of all the cameras and their locations.

My comments are plenty.
Aisle length and widths and rack heights/widths are important to know...
I would prefer cameras operate in 9x16 (or corridor mode) (not wide mode)
so as not to waste so many pixels on top of the racks and overshoots into adjacent aisles.

The image below is a typical 16x9 1080P wide view... vs. rotating that 90 degrees and going tall narrow... This applies regardless of the default Horizontal angle of view......

16 x9 vs 9 x 16

Do you place these at opposing ends?
or Perhaps near midway with opposing views? minimal overlay...

Interesting things include PIR detectors at the lanes....for management to see the need to open more lanes, Of course integration with the POS system is important....

Hanging from threaded Pipe (open ceilings)
Drop ceiling mounts.. older stores......

Find an integrator to embrace, pay them for a proof of concept....
and lean on them for the long term....

Cheers - Andy

Another issue will be the location and shape of your aisle signage. Often times you'll see large 3D signage at the end of each aisle that are in the ways of a long view... A recent store visit, the cctv designer realized the big end aisle signage was in the way, so they are shooting over the racks, into the adjacent aisles.

The lighting shouldn't be an issue, so you really have a lot of options....