IP Camera With On-Board Storage And Loitering Analytics?

Any recommendations using a IP camera with on-board storage and video analytics (loitering). This will be completely stand alone with power from a midspan poe injector.

That's surprisingly tough.

3 cameras come to mind - Avigilon, Axis, and Mobotix.

Avigilon has on-board storage and loitering but you still need a server for setup and notifications. (Related, discontinued VideoIQ cameras would meet all your requirements).

Axis has on-board storage, can run stand-alone (either Camera Companion or e.g., Exacq Edge) but then you would need to add a third party app to do loitering detection. There's definitely one out there, it's just time consuming.

Mobotix has on-board storage, can run stand-alone, has analytics, but I don't think they do loitering.

There are other cameras with analytics and storage (Samsung) but I am not sure / confident of the quality of their on-board recording or analytics.

Hi Reed,

Bosch IP cameras (with the IVA feature) support the functionality you have described. On-board storage uses micro-SD. Loitering (with user-defined time delay) is one of the available analytics. Each analytic you configure is referred to as a task. Tasks maybe configured via web browser or Configuration Manager software.

John mentioned notification in his response. If you want an email to be sent, you can configure this in the camera, but, of course, a 3rd party mail server must be accesible to the camera. I've attached an image of browser setup for that. Hope this helps.

Mike, I concur. Thanks. I forgot about Bosch for this. Perhaps it's not covered in the video series yet? :)

Yes, this helps thank you. If I understand the specs on the Dinion IP 7000 HD bullet, I can use a midspan poe injector, program the analytics with a schedule from a web browser and use a mico SD card of 2 TB...is that right?

Dinion IP 7000 HD bullet...

Perhaps you mean the Dinion IP 7000 box?

and use a micro SD card of 2 TB...

AFAIK, 2 TB SD cards are in currently pre-vaporware status, do you need that kind of capacity right away?

Correct. The Dinion 7000 does support POE. Analytics is schedulable from within the browser. Two unique profiles can be configured. Although 2TB edge capacity is supported, that size media is not yet available. Alternatively, you can find media >64GB and use it.

Mike, what SD card storage size has Bosch tested / verified?

To date, Bosch has tested microSDXC cards up to 64GB and recommends cards of Class 6 or higher for HD recording. Support for the SDXC standard enables the cameras to support microSDXC cards with greater memory. As higher capacity cards become more popular and readily available, Bosch plans to test these in the near future.