Tatung IP Camera Handheld Monitor Feedback?

Has anyone had good results from this Tatung TOM-0431 hand held monitor. It looks impressive and has a good compatibility list of cameras that it is compatible with. It is a little pricey so I wanted to see if anyone has used one and what they think about it.

Thanks for sharing. We talked about this last year but no one had any feedback then. Perhaps there will be more experiences now.

Here is an interesting hands on demo video from Tatung:

Pricing is around ~$800. What's interesting is the wrist strap / embedded monitor design. Other devices generally assume using a tablet of phone connected to WiFi, etc.

What do you all think?

Ethan, buy it if you think it might be useful, we can do a test report on it.

Update: We just bought one. Expect a test report in a few weeks.

We test drove a unit on loan from a local rep firm several months ago. I like the overall size and weight and the ability to support analog and IP streams worked as advertised. In our initial testing with typical Axis cameras navigating the discovery menu was a bit challenging when we wanted to fire up a different camera (I believe we had one of the early production units so FW has probably improved)

The issue we thought about is if we had a large number of new cameras for an install does this device as a set up tool speed the process along? It was not so clear given the layout of the IP camera tool app and the battery life expectancy. The ability to grab snapshots on the device we thought is a strong feature. The direct browser support in a self contained unit was decent but screen size was an issue when navigating device menu buttons. I would be interested to hear other comments. Most of our field technicians have the Veracity POE brick and a small notebook PC.

Another related device that has proven to be a great tool to support IP camera set up and custmer demonstrations is the 'ESK-1000 Sidekick' from Everfocus. We ordered one in for a demo and kept it. It fits between the Veracity POE brick and the Tautung TOM device. It is compact like the TOM can deliver POE+ and 12VDC and or USB power. The key feature of the Everfocus is the small built in WiFi DHCP server module. I lacks the built in display of the TOM but when combined with tablet or a laptop you are good to go. I have used it in multi camera demos where we leave the device power on when swapping camera cables that keeps the IP address for the display tablet or laptop alive while the new camera boots up typically gets the same address as the previous camera assigned. We still have not figured out how to set the DHCP address range which would be useful for an installation scenario with specific IP's to be configured for sales demos it is a great tool. The image below was a customer camera demo to get approval for a specific camera I reccomended for an intake area of a local police department. Using a standard laptop browser session into the camera for the officers in charge to review.

ESK-1000 Customer demo