New IP Camera Protocol I8S

Hello to All,

I use some IP cameras, all with ONVIF protocol.

Recently I found a new protocol named I8S.

Some cameras use this protocol (in addition of ONVIF and I8 of course), and this seem to be interesting (if used with a NVR with I8S also).

Someone know who sell these cameras? A Chinese vendor's name could be better.

The I8S super protocol seems to be traceable back to AeVision, better known as the maker of the $50 $19.5 Super Mini NVR.

Network administrators might not be too keen on multiple devices sharing one IP though.

Hi Chris,

yes, one of those could be aevision.

Do you know other supplyer of cameras with this protocol?

Unverified list of the vendors using proprietary "I-number" protocols. Apparently these were designed to handle discovery and other services, like VMD, that may have not been fully functional in ONVIF at the time they were developing these products.

I8/S -

  • Wision
  • Devele
  • HYvision
  • Tong Fang

I9- Topsee
I11- CNB I12- XM( Jufeng)
I13- Hichip
I15- Launch
I19- Grandstream
I21M, I21H- Apexis
I22- Xin Hai
I23- KT&C
I24- JXJ
I25- RDS
I26- Safer
I27- Polytims
I29- Ecsino
I33- Dahua

Many thanks for the exaustive reply!

As far as I can tell, I8, I8S, I9 are all a sort of generic protocol shared by some of the cheap Chinese manufacturers. The mini NVR we tested did indeed support them. I've seen them referenced in other manufacturers' literature as well.

I believe it's a driver for the common platform most of these cameras seem to be based on. Like how Wodsee, Cantonk, Longse, etc. all share an eerily similar interface, they share one or more of these protocols, too.

Hi Ethan,

yes, a lot of chap camera seem to have the same interface (maybe due to the microchip used).

Unfortuately, till now, only one had this protocol, and I would like to know if there are more.