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Mounting IP Cameras Outside Of A Vehicle?

Help me out before I pull my hair out! I need an IP camera, preferably at least 1.3mp, that I can mount on the outside of a vehicle. It appears that no one supports mounting on the outside, just the inside. This thing will need to take a beating, to say the least. Anyone have any suggestions?

Why not something like a GoPro, that's designed specifically for this sort of use? I wheel with a bunch of Jeep drivers that hang these things off the top, side, front, back, and bottom of their rigs going through mud, rocks, and dense bush, and always bring back amazing video.

I need that kind of ruggedness, but I need to record it on an enterprise class VMS - Genetec, NICE, ONSSI, etc.

Ah, gotcha. Yeah, GoPro doesn't even have an LCD... if memory serves, there's a small viewfinder window for aiming, and then you just start it recording while you roll.

How about a box cam in a solid environmental housing (Pelco EH-3508 or similar)? Or an outdoor vandal dome?

Where on the vehicle is this going, and what sort of abuse is it expected to take?

I don't know much about GoPro but a number of search results indicate you can now stream from GoPro cameras via WiFi, etc.

From 2011: "with the arrival of GoPro’s new Wi-Fi BacPac™ and Wi-Fi Remote products slated for release this winter, the HD HERO2 will enable video remote control via the Wi-Fi Remote, smartphones and devices, tablets and computers as well as enabling live GoPro video broadcast from anywhere there is Wi-Fi or a mobile hotspot."

If that can provide an RTSP stream, a VMS should be able to receive it, providing it has support for generic RTSP stream configuration (Vigil does, I have no idea about any others).

City Busses. So they will be expected to last several years in all temps and conditions, car washes, branches, etc. Shock and vibration up to 30G. 1 to 4 cameras per bus.

I sure wouldn't want to be riding that bus when it experiences a 30G shock!

The G-forces aside, I'd think a quality environmental housing with standard box cam would work fine - I've put plenty of cameras inside EH3512s that spend their lives in car washes, the only thing they ever need is to have the soap scum cleaned off the glass now and then (and maybe the glass replaced every few years).

Are you planning on using a wireless connecting back to some head-office VMS, or have a small on-board recorder?

Smallish onboard recorder. Wireless might happen down the road.

Explore Bosch xtreme

Hi there, we manufacture an external "puck" style camera that has been vibration tested to EN50155:2007 for rolling stock: the IPD6222 it's IP67 and vandal resistant, Onvif Profile S conformant and certified compliant by Milestone.


Do you have a booth at ASIS next week?

We're not exhibiting there next week but I will be there and my colleagues from LA are there too. We'd be happy to bring a camera for you to look at.

Also you may be interested in the IP NVR we've developed to go with this NVR404C currenlty capable of recording 4 cameras in realtime onto an internal drive (can be solid state).

This solution was developed with your application in mind, feel free to mail me direct;

I dont have any personal experience in this application, but I've been considering the Mobotix S15 for vehicular implementation. I'll let you know if I ever get to it.

That was one that I did find that looked intriguing. I like to Mobotix stuff a lot, but they are proud of it, aren't they!

I know, S15 unit price can be a real obstacle that's further challenged by design restrictions. Two cameras on a single base station is the most economical installation. Unfortunately, this installation only appears to be feasible in something like a Mini Cooper. This is because the front grill to rear bumper distance in even a small car (eg Toyota Prius length is 14'7") exceeds the maximum camera separation (4m = 13'1.5") for two S15s on a single base station.

The superior motion detection that sometimes helps to justify the Mobotix cost premium seems less relevant to a moving vehicle, although it could be useful if you're concerned about the security of a parked vehicle.

I like the Mobotix S15 capabilities a lot, but I stumble when I compare capability vs cost. In vehicles, the ruggedness, weather resistance, low profile mounting (eg flush mount vs enclosure sticking off your car), and level of integration (eg no dvr necessary) appear helpful.

Why not consider some of the drive recorders that are coming up slowly? Quite popular in Asia.

I work at Seon Design. We sell a 720P outdoor rated camera and a 5 channel and 13 channel DVR for the mobile environment.

We are not at ASIS, but you can check out the specifications at Bus Camera | CHW8 Wedge | HD Stop-arm Camera | Seon.

Email me or call our office for more information.

Peter Simmons.

Director of Marketing.

Seon Design.


Vivotek has a 2MP Vandal-proof Mobile Surveillance WDR Enhanced Network Camera model MD8562. It has the following rating: IK10, IP67 and EN50155.

Both Axis (M3113/3114) and Moxa (VPort P06) have vehicle rated (EN50155) IP cameras.

the MOBOTIX FlexMount S15 has Mobile-Ready (DIN EN 50155) rating, is rather Inconspicuous, has up to Two HiRes 180° Panorama lenses and can store recordings in the camera base and stream to a VMS.

"Camera with on-board image processing guarantees a minimal network load. Long-term storage on an internal SD card or externally on NAS."

Stream to a VMS, or their VMS, or NAS?

The Edge-base storage on SD in the camera not only simplifies that design it also improved the overall reliability of the system. An important question for this discuss would be what is the purpose of the recorded video, how often would it need to be reviewed or is there a need/desire to get dynamic notificiations on events.

Additionally, there are a couple of options on how the video could be accessed: wired or wireless.

If there would be multiple cameras (lenses) on the vehicle, a POE Switch would be an effective way to view video and power the units.

When cameras are used in exterior installations, heaters/blowers in the enclosure are usually a part of the BOM. In the case of the MOBOTIX S15s, there is now need for these.

A fuller understanding of the design goals/requirments would be helpful to give more effective set of answers/suggestions.

Genetec has a LPR camera that can be mounted on a vehicle, dont need to use the LPR functionnality, but the casing his ruggerize, could be expensive though.

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in Circa 2020, any new vehicle mount cameras for surveillance?


Typically you want to look at a camera that is rated IP6K9K to handle the high-pressure water to prevent ingress from car washes, etc. Non-IP6K9K cameras have seen issues over time where water spray from the roadway ingresses the camera and in the winter freezes and makes its way into the camera.

We have a specific model for the exterior of a vehicle - XNV-6013M

XNV-6013M — Security Cameras & Surveillance Solutions

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