Connecting An IP Camera Into An Existing SD Analog DVR

Anybody done this? Client has 2 existing DVRs on site and has a spare IP camera from another site. I haven't visited yet to see if they are running RG59 or UTP.

Can it even be done? Feel free to respond with factual info and/or condescending opinions!

Sure, if the DVR has the software / functionality to connect ot IP cameras. What is the make / model numbers of the DVRs being used?

If it does, there is no need for a physical connection, just type in the IP address and credentials of the camera into the DVR configuration tool and done.

That said, most low to mid Level DVRs do not support IP cameras.

Hi John,

They aren't hybrid DVRs. Watchnet 16-channel analog E-96032RTD1.

When you say Analog DVR I am going to assume it only has Analog inputs. If so, your only real chance is if the camera happens to have a utility NTSC output. Many IP cameras do, many don't. For instance, Axis cameras as a rule don't, but Samsung cameras often have them.

Also, where the analog connection is may not be obvious, on the Samsung SNB-5004 it comes out of an unusual connector, so it could be missed.

Short of that you could use a IP decoder, but that is likely to cost as much as a camera, so...

A decoder

Yes, a decoder could be added if you really want to add to the existing DVR, then input the analog feed into the DVR like any analog camera.

note: I edited the comment above referencing a manufacturer. There are a number of mainstream manufacturers to pixk from if you go that route.

Chris and John have this covered pretty well, so I will take another angle. What about replacing the existing DVRs with a Hybrid/Tribrid unit that can accept Analog SD, Analog HD, and IP cameras? A 16 channel Dahua based unit should be under $400 sans HDDs. You could swap them both, or just one.

That's certainly an option. They will need to make sure that:

  • They like / can accept whatever change in software / UI this brings (some people get wedded to their existing workflow or may find the new one inferior)
  • They replace both if they want to be able to connect to them with the same client software (which is typically highly desired).
  • What the actual price is. With hard drive, markup etc, and potentially having to buy 2 of them, this could wind up in the $1500 to $2500 range.

They replace both if they want to be able to connect to them with the same client software...

Is this where a CMS could be beneficial? If one were to get a Watchnet Hybrid (assuming one exists), it could allow viewing by a single interface?

Theoretically, yes. I don't know enough about Watchnet or what the OEM / relabel is to confidently cite specifics.

Also, they could just look to add a small Watchnet NVR and theoretically watch them all from one interface.

I am unsure if keeping their existing hard drives is an option. If they currently have SATA surveillance drives in use now, they may choose to use those, if they aren't very old. If they have more than a few years of use on them, you /could/ use them, but I would advise against it.