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IP Camera In A Box Camera Enclosure?

Has anyone done this, could it work? I was thinking of taking one of my outdoor bullet cameras and putting it in a heated, enclosure. Could this work in a box camera enclosure, would it effect the IR? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks

Hello Fabien:

Why are you thinking of sticking a bullet in a box housing? Is the bullet not working right? Details, model numbers, etc, are helpful here.

Also, your question about the IR ring being affected by the housing is a good one. In many cases, that IR will reflect off the box housing glass, essentially blinding the camera at night.

Carwash owner don't trust regular cameras in the bays, to many have failed so I am looking for an answer. IP cameras are cheaper but box cameras I know will work in the enclosure. Thanks for the response.

Fabien, are you taking an existing bullet camera or are you going to buy a new one? What model?

New model most likely Eastern CCTV 720P kit, but box camera option is open if it is the only option.

If it's new, why don't you just go with the box model? (as it is made to go in such enclosures) Is it price? Feature sets?

How about this one Fabien?

It's a bullet camera enclosure with heater and blower.

This one is $60, there are others out there. Do you have the exact dimensions of the 720P Bullet that you are interested in?

That looks nice I am going check the spec. sheet and see if it will fit. Thank you!

Where do you read this enclosure is for bullets? It looks like a box enclosure to me.

Where does the cable run into the enclosure?

This enclosure is very likely going to be a disaster for a bullet camera when the integrated IR LEDs come on, ie:

I think because it's under Amazon's 'bullet' category. That said, I agree, looks like it is a 'bullet style' housing made to put box cameras inside.

Agreed, with all of you. It was too good to be true. Looked like it had no front glass and could just clamp around a bullet. Sorry Fabien...

Yes, I looked at the spec and it is not made for IR cameras, I am going to talk to the owner of the car wash we might not need IR. The lighting in the area is really good I'm am checking into the box camera options. I have never delt with box cameras so I need to do study them before I speak to them. Thanks for your input on the matter everyone.