IP Camera For Viewing Only

I have a request for a couple of cameras that would be used to live view a public area but could not be used to record that video. The idea is to use the video in an app to show "crowding" in the area(s). Any thoughts on this?


Sure, sounds straightforward.

What are you concerned about?

The users who are proposing the app would be required to purchase the hardware and pay for installation (own the cameras), but I would not want them to have configuration access to the cameras once they are installed.

I am new to all of this so I will be asking a lot of questions as i move into my new job, but I am assuming that I can just grant them access to the video?

Got it. Just make sure there is a username and password set for config access, don't provide to them, and you should be ok. How this is done varies slightly by camera manufacturer but is widely provided.

...but could not be used to record that video.

Who are you trying to restrict from recording the video, the users?

It would be hard to actually prevent anyone from recording the live video locally on the sly, if they have access to a web or mobile client.

...but I would not want them to have configuration access to the cameras once they are installed.

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Students will be creating the app; if it is useful it may be offered to campus users. I realize that someone could possibly screen record, but I want to lock down recording to a nvr or SD card.

If you can view the camera stream, you can also record it.

They will also need the IP address and the username/password. The admin can easily change the username/password to deny access to recording it.

You can't stop everything, e.g., someone could just film it with their cell phone or use a screen recording app, etc. but that's the case for most any surveillance system.

You could do this easily with an Axis camera and Axis P7701 decoder. Axis cameras force you to set a password on first login, and by default, won't give up a stream or even a live view without authentication, so it's an inherently secure setup - you'd have to manually, intentionally make it available to outside access.

Connect the camera straight to the decoder, without going through a switch or on-site network, and nobody will be pulling anything from it anyway.

just a question i have how many people are going to view this "app" at a given time? you depending on the settings you may only be able to have up to 4-11 viewers including the NVR/SDcard.

so far as recording if the stream is accessible, its recordable, but i agree with you they should be locked out of changing the config.

You could use IP filtering to lock down the camera so it can only stream to a specific device (server). Make sure user name and password authentication is required. Then, the app they design connects to the server to stream/re-stream/broadcast the video.

If you were looking for a solution that allows easy viewing of the cameras stream without needing an app and can't easily be recorded, you can check out AngelCam. You can create a live public view.