Annke IP Camera Compatablilty

I have a ANKKE 8 IP Camera and NVR bundle. Would the ANNKE IP Cameras be able to use on a Dahua NVR?

Ken, I have never heard of Annke before but looking at their website they are clearly OEMing from someone overseas. Knowing who they OEM from would help answer this.

A quick check of the Annke's knowledge base and DIY forums seems to have limited and negative feedback on Annke in general. Sorry I cannot add more.

Thank any way.

I just don't know why the IP cameras will not come up with a Dahua NVR.

Hell, The Dahua will not even connect to the NET.


You probably don't want to connect them. If they're not Dahua or Dahua clones then you lose a lot of functionality, like motion detect, audio, substream etc.

If you really need to connect them try using ONVIF in the drop down using manual add.

If you have one of the Dahua NVRs that let you connect using a RTSP stream you can try the following RTSP URL substituting the <ipaddress> and <username> <password> for the actual values.


See if you can capture the webpage and post. Looks like a Dahua or HIK OEM.