Cameras Disconnects - What Could Be The Reason?

Hi. I have installed an IP camera samsung SNV 7080R at one of the locations. The distance from the camera to the NVR is 60m. I have connected the camera to a switch of 28 port & only 5 cameras are connected to the switch.The camera gets disconnected every often. What could be the reason?

The camera gets disconnected everyoften...

Every how often?

What do you need to do, if anything, to get it to come back, and how long does that take?

Is it rebooting?

POE camera and switch?

Samsung NVR?

Isolated network?

DHCP address?

Is one of the other four (working?) cameras the same model and firmware?

Questions for further investigation:

1) What are other 4 cameras?

2) What type of switch do you use?

3) Camera disconnects cause of power failure (port shutdown) or just network?

The camera gets disconnected once in two days.I need to delete the camera and again register the camera on the NVR. The NVR is SRN-1670D. The IP is static.The other four cameras are working fine without any problem.

I dont know whether the switch is managed for unmanaged .

Can i reset the camera from a remote location. I mean i am in company and the cameras are located at the customer place . i know all the details of the NVR and also the public IP address.

Can you access the Camera logs and NVR logs?

I can access the NVR logs its only showing as Network camera disconnected...

It would be helpful to know what the camera's side of the story is.

Is it because of the NVR firewall? It might be tricky to diagnose without having direct access to the camera network...

Which device, NVR or cameras has the lowest IP address l, since they are all static?

NVR IP address is

IP cameras address are lower than of NVR.

What it has to do with the highest and the lowest IP address

Since you have configured everything as static in the devices, unless you reserved those assesses in the switch, or placed them Ina range the switch won't issue addresses to, it could simply be the switch is temporarily issuing that camera address to a new device like a phone.

This tends to happen if an IP camera is set for motion only as it isn't streaming all the time.

just a thought, that's all.

"The camera gets disconnected every often. What could be the reason?"

Many things 'could be' the reason....

Are you familiar with Wireshark?