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I Need A Lipstick.... Camera

Although analog cameras have been miniaturized to the point that true bullet cams are accessible and affordable, our analog cameras' image quality leave a lot to be desired.

When I say "bullet camera," I'm looking for an imaging body about the size of a pen, rather than (for example) a paper towel roll, so if it has a ring if IR illuminators around the lens, it's probably too big.

Google isn't much help, because apparently when you say bullet, advertisers believe a 60mm mortar is more relevant than a 9mm Beretta. The top 3 results for "ip bullet camera" were:

(44mm/1-3/4" dia) DLink DCS-7010L HD Mini Bullet Outdoor Camera, seems like a decent POE cam but too big

(77mm/3" dia) Samsung SNO 6011R, likewise POE IP cam but too big

(unknown diameter) Q-See QCN7001B couldn't find diameter but too big per the images

It takes a fair amount of time to investigate the details, and I quit after the first 3 were not relevant.

In IP cameras, the closest I have seen is the Mobotix M14/M15 and the Axis P12. Mobotix is quite pricy and too big. Axis may be an adequate choice, but is there a larger set of choices? Also, is there anything that meets the traditional bullet form factor, even if it has a nearby remote "server"?



The KT&C looks to be about the same size as the Axis P1214-E (actually the Axis is about 3mm smaller diameter, at 20mm). Without knowing the full requirements here, perhaps something like a P1204 would work?

The Looxcie is a good camera, but it's self contained and battery operated, making it impractical to use in a surveillance system.

I have just started looking into this one so I dont have any hands on experience yet but have a look: Vidcie

I was going to suggest the Sony CH110 or CH210 also.

It would help to know what the actual size constraints really were. (What are the biggest dimensions that would be acceptable.)

Thanks, you're right it's the Mobotix "S" series.

Assuming you don't want to put an encoder on an analog lipstick camera, the Sony SNC-CH210 and the Axis M-2014E are the smallest cameras of which I am aware.

Hikvision DS-2CD6412FWD 1.3Megapixel Covert

I don't have any real world experience with this, but might be worth a look?

Hikvision DS-2CD6412FWD 1.3 Megapixel Covert

I think the term / category you are looking for is 'lipstick' cameras (e.g., Supercircuit's listing of bullet and lipstick cameras)

There are very few options for what you're after. The Axis M2014-E is actually the only one which comes to mind. I did some quick searching of smaller manufacturers and turned up nothing either.

I'm assuming you mean the Mobotix S15 which has remote sensors, by the way, not the M15.

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