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IP Video Door Phone With 2 Interior Monitor Stations

I like Aiphone and their trouble free solutions for access control. The Aiphone JKS-1AEDV is a simple boxed set comprising of a Door Station and Master Monitor Station with memory, power supply and some cable. This set can accommodate one additional sub-monitor station (JK-1MD)

The Aiphone JKS-IPEV is the same boxed set except the IP adapter (JKW-IP) takes the place of the additional monitor station but it does offer full door control from up to ten PC's.

I have 2 customers who want a standalone IP based system with 2 interior monitors. Suggestions welcome please. Thank you in advance!

Hello Richard:

Take a look at Stentofon's Turbine system. They are IP based and serverless to run. When it comes to triggering outputs to unlock doors, those controls can be toggled via web-browser.

They tend to be more expensive that Aiphone (~$850 each), but the simpler install and configuration may be overall less expensive than an analog system.


Thank you for your reply. I'm going to read up on Stentofon over the rest of the weekend.