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IP Based Public Address System ?

Looking for affordable IP Based Public Address Systems to be integrated on an existing LAN with a Central Announcement Portal - for Mass Addressing.


How many endpoints are you looking for? The options for IP based PA systems are different for less than 16 stations vs. more than 16 stations.

There are tentatively 40-45 end points. LAN is existing. Central addressing portal is required, for an educational institute.Mass addressing and zonal addressing facilities are required.

Hello, Varun:

You might look at Kintronics' IP7 Paging system. It supports the basic 'one to many' broadcast function you describe, and it can be paired with common 8 ohm loudspeaker types. List price is about $400 for the basic unit, and software licensing is $250 list per endpoint, but if you work through a dealer or directly with Kintronics, your pricing would be discounted.

You also might check with 'standard' IP intercom manfacturers like Commend or Stentofon, or even vendors like Aiphone and Viking.

Intercoms tend to incorporate more features that 'simple' PA and the subsequent cost is higher, but those options may provide better integration possiblities. At this point, is this PA system 'stand-alone', or are you looking to tie it into something else (PBX/VoIP/VMS/Access Control, etc?)


You might check out the ControlKom system from Atlas Sound.

Look at conventional modern VoIP solutions. This is no longer a specialty.

We tested a Barix,, device and it seemed to work pretty well with some flexible software. May involve some development time, though. But their rep for North America was pretty helpful.