IP Access Control With DDNS

I am searching for a IP Access Control Panel that supprots DDNS and no port forwarding if possible. The goal is to host the access control software on our servers or a "cloud" option from the manufactuer. I would like a plug and play solution for the installation tech. If the tech could plug the panel into the network and NOT port forward anything. I am trying to reach a 1 to 3 door market that usually doesnt have a IT Deparment and charge a monthly fee.

Port forwarding is typically needed when the machine / device / panel is placed behind a firewall.

DDNS is typically used when a device is not behind a firewall but has a dynamic IP address, requiring some way to update the public world when its dynamic IP address changes.

First question - do you plan to install these panels behind firewalls? If so, you will need port forwarding or a panel / device that 'phones home' / uses an application layer VPN.

I'll defer to Brian on specific access control product recommendations.

We use DMP, their myvirtualkeypad.com, works really well. No port forwarding and allows customers to easily manage access control. It's a simple system, we have used the XR series panels on up to 16 doors without issues.