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IP Access Control With DDNS

I am searching for a IP Access Control Panel that supprots DDNS and no port forwarding if possible. The goal is to host the access control software on our servers or a "cloud" option from the manufactuer. I would like a plug and play solution for the installation tech. If the tech could plug the panel into the network and NOT port forward anything. I am trying to reach a 1 to 3 door market that usually doesnt have a IT Deparment and charge a monthly fee.

Port forwarding is typically needed when the machine / device / panel is placed behind a firewall.

DDNS is typically used when a device is not behind a firewall but has a dynamic IP address, requiring some way to update the public world when its dynamic IP address changes.

First question - do you plan to install these panels behind firewalls? If so, you will need port forwarding or a panel / device that 'phones home' / uses an application layer VPN.

I'll defer to Brian on specific access control product recommendations.

We use DMP, their, works really well. No port forwarding and allows customers to easily manage access control. It's a simple system, we have used the XR series panels on up to 16 doors without issues.

Protector.Net is exactly what you are looking for.

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I wish Software House would allow their GCM to be license based so it can be hosted. Right now you have to procure their hardware that can support up to 32 IP-ACM devices(1 GCM). However if the GCM application is ran on a robust Linux server it should be able to run 500+ doors(IP-ACM) very easily. This would allow you to manage a CCure server on your premise or in the clousd and distribute the access control to customers with the Ccureweb interface. This could work for customer markets only needing 1-3 doors and a simple application that supports all web browsers, some access control systems do not support all web browsers which can annoy some customers(hrmm).

As far as DDNS and Hosting access control your team will need to take the next step to understanding multi-wan routing, networking, firewall with IDS and remote management technologies. The technician level to support this new infrastructure will have to scale, most likely the average installer is not IT savvy enough however some do exist(rare). It is possible to sell the WAN service(LTE), the router+firewall(pfSense), PoE switch(ubnt?), cable, IP-ACM, reader, cards etc. 

If not choosing the IP-ACM; I am sure there are plenty of network ready controllers out there, pick your flavor. I only say IP-ACM as the forum will probably react with the recent self induced replay hack of which I am sure 95% of the integrator technicians could not even execute if the customer requested even with a how-to guide.