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Iomnis Servers - Good, Bad?

A week ago I asked if anyone had any experience with Iomnis servers, but I received no responses. I know it is ISC this week, but I thought I would ask again.

Just so you don't think everyone's ignoring you, I will respond negatively.... I've never personally used Iomnis servers.

Then, again, I've never used Intransa or Pivot 3 servers either, so I am not a good industry benchmark :)

I've never heard of anyone using Iomnis. Indeed, you are the first person who I have ever heard ask.

I did find one historical reference on IPVM from an integrator we trust saying, "We have started using more Iomnis product which is basically Dell hardware optimized for video processing and storage. Great product." That said, I am not sure about such 'optimizations'.

I checked their website and I didn't see any red flags. They do have an IP camera focusing tool that looked interesting.

I used them as integrator .. The biggest advantage was the portal. You can put in motion, fps, compression, type of camera etc and it gives you the server to meet need. It made my life easier because it was self service and I could get my server pricing immediately. I also had them build a lot of my day to day pricing on cameras and switches into portal so I could easily create a budget quote without editing for my estimator or sending email price requests to distribution or manufacturers.

We gave Iomnis our requirements and they came back with a spec with our requirement of Intel. We then placed the order and in a few days we have the computer as requested. I have used them on several sites including with great results.

They are basically Dell servers optimized for video processing and storage. Good product and excellent website calculator and support. I have only had a chance to use them on one recent project, so I may not be able to attest to their longevity.

Any idea of how they are better or worse than other hardware providers? I thought most players in this space have calculators and claim to 'optimize' servers.

The service is what got me…just call and give them what you are looking for; camera count, resolution, FPS, and Retention and they send you the quote with documents. They send the information to my supplier and I get a quote.


Their portal goes way beyond standard calculators. They have web developers on staff and it shows. It's less about the hardware than it is about the business optimization- as Art said you can get a quote and specs in a matter of minutes.
Much better performance than buying and configuring your own Dell box. Their website and customer support are excellent. I have only used them on a mid sized application of about 100 cameras so I can't really compare them to Pivot 3 for larger installations. Very pleased with their product. Will consider them again. Much better than Intransa (before they folded).

I forgot to mention in my last post they offer a 100% money back guarantee.

It's my understanding this is a guaranteed, non-proprietary estimating/engineering tool for optimization and configuration. Is that correct? Has anyone experience using??

...a unique system for indexing a surveillance solution’s performance potential...

It appears that Iomnis provides very useful tools that can save an integrator a lot of time and heartache. And I like the fact that they are not making bold claims about proprietary technology. But history has shown this has been a pretty tough business model since the servers and workstations have long been commoditized. Does anyone know what kind of percentage premium an integrator pays for machines from Iomnis vs buying from someplace like Dell? Any info on the financial wherewithal of the company?