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Intuvision Video Analytics - Good? Bad? Ugly?

The company that I work for is shopping a new analytics engine. Anyone use Intuvision? Does it require hardware or software?

From what I know, they are a real computer vision company. Unlike many analytics companies who are simply re-labelling some basic analytics, Intruvision does their own development.

My understanding that they have a relatively small (expert) team and that they OEM to some fairly big names in the industry.

I have not used nor tested it so there's not much more I can say. From their device page, it does appear they can run on cameras or servers.

Bump, if anyone has seen or used them.

I played with the demo/trial of Intuvision. It looked like a microsoft access database, way too many settings, and not user friendly at all.

It was not detecting things that other analytic programs picked up no problem...such as cars or people. It was overall just a very frustrating experience, and I strayed away from it.

If it is so difficult that I cant figure it out and set it up near perfectly in 10 minutes, it does not fly with me, considering cameras come in numbers. Its all about keeping it simple.