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Seeking Hardwired Intrusion System - DIY No Monitoring

I'm looking for a alarm panel that I can hardwire all the devices back to a panel, plug into my network and monitor myself via email/app. I see plenty of all wireless systems out there but I prefer hardwired and I haven't had any luck searching via Google. Anyone have any recommendations?

I prefer the DSC Power Series ( , available with 6 or 8 hardwired zones on the panel, plus PGM for a 2-wire smoke loop, expandable to 64 zones with added 8-zone modules. Recommend using an RFK keypad with a built-in wireless receiver for any keyfobs or later-added wireless devices. You can always add monitoring later with POTS (built-in), or digital cellular or IP with added devices.

These sell through distribution, but are an open dealer brand (no special training needed). Contact me directly (not sure how John handles stuff like that ... thank goodness this ain't LinkedIn!)

Bosch is probably the only company that sells a hardwired panel with a network connection that doesn’t charge a monthly fee for remote connections. You would have to find a local Bosch dealer to buy from. B series panels are an option. Not easy to program from the keypad but it can be done.

DMP is a better option (much better app than Bosch) but you would have to pay for app usage every month or once a year, again it would need to be purchased through a dealer. XT30 or XT50 is a good option and is very easy to program from the keypad.

Full disclosure, we are a dealer for both but will not sell a DIY kit.

Thanks guys, I found that Vera has a plugin to integrate to DSC panels so I think I'll go that route then I can integrate to pretty much any zwave device and have a seperate alarm panel to make it easy for my wife.

What purpose does the Vera plugin serve in this case? Arm/disarm causes things to happen on the Z-Wave network? Can you arm/disarm from the Vera app?

Have you used Vera much? I'm trying to figure out what to do with my house and there are too many options and all the opinions are generally too consumery for me to form a real analysis. I'd like to have control of the doors and thermostat, as well as handling security. Just not sure how I want to go about it.

I am in the same boat. Vera has a plugin to the DSC panel via their serial adapter or via the Envisalink 3 (The EVL-3 seems way easier). It looks like you can do a lot with it and the users I've found online like it.

I have not used Vera yet, my plan is to get the alarm system installed with the Envisalink. With that you can do everything remotely and send email alerts. Then I'll add the Vera and do the automation style stuff as I cannot afford to do it all at once.

I don't know all the details of what you can and cannot do through the app. I know through Envisalink you can do all the arm/disarming type of stuff. Not sure if the Vera app is able to do all that though.

Details of the Integration

Some Positive Reviews

I have been using a vera in my home for over a year now and it works pretty well. I have door locks, lights, thermostats, outlets and light switches on it, all were easy to setup. Right now it seems like they are having a few difficulties with stability as they just launched a new UI, but nothing major. They are always working on the UI for the browser and the phone and making it better, when I first got it it was more of a hobby unit that only worked sometimes and the UI was not all that nice, but now it works much better now. I don’t have any experience as far as integrating it with the alarm panel but I am sure it can be done.