Introvert Or Extrovert?

With a trade show coming up this week, curious which one you feel you are.

For those unsure or unclear on what the definitions mean, see the explainations offered by the Myers-Briggs Foundation.

For the record, I like talking to people, and am more of an 'extrovert' than an 'introvert'.

Ooh I'm think I'm 50/50 prolly more of an Extrovert these days

I'm an introverted extrovert

I am really surprised by how lopsided these results are. I am definitely an introvert.

John I have to say that is a very surprising fact - given you are such a public figure.

Public on the Internet, not in real life!

I was required to take the M-B at one point in college... Extrovert here. Awkwardly Extroverted I'd say.

I'm introverted...... kind of like a trapdoor spider.

It depends on how well i know the persons or crowd , environment

All my psch evaluations put me as an introvert, but once i know the people around me I open up.

I'm very closed, so my wife tells me . Guarded

I get lost in the crowd , but one on one I'm great.

I tend to be sarcastic with people and non understanding or matter of fact

Like great Long discussion s after I get to know you.

Very out going in my own environment which I control.

Did Chris just respond in haiku? Thats pro.

I am really stunned that overwhelmingly people are voting they are extroverts. I would have assumed that technical people would tend to be more introverted. I suppose in American culture, introverts are looked down upon?

Ok, I think there may be some difference in how people define these things. In the dictionary sense, extroverts are gregarious and outgoing. In the psychology sense, it means you prefer to be among people instead of by yourself.

I generally use the latter definition. I'm not very forward at all, but I do prefer being among people a lot of the time. Even if I don't really know anyone. Granted, I also like doing things alone, but I wouldn't say I prefer it. I just don't let lack of a partner keep me from doing things.

But also, holy crap those results are not what I expected, either.

Me either. Another way I've seen it explained:

Introvert = gets motivation and recharges from alone time and introspection.

Extrovert = gets motivation and recharges from being around people and getting that kind of social feedback.

Don't underestimate the bias that true introverts are unwilling to answer the poll question. Or even participate in something labeled a 'Discussion'.

But seriously, they can vote anonymously on a poll, can't they?

ha ha ha!

I really think the question itself is too vague....

I also think that most people find traits for both within themselves, but extrovert sounds less nerdy. (not that there's anything wrong with it).

In my own mind, I am a rabid introvert. But I didn't think anyone who's met me would buy that if I tried selling it.... :)

"Im not an extrovert, but I play one on T.V...."

It's worth noting that introverts make up less than one quarter of the population, so I think that these results are not necessarily out of place. I've heard it said that introverts are a minority of the population as a whole, but a majority of the creative population. I think that this community's mix of engineers, sales, and techs is a good population mix.

Personally, I can be very outgoing and gregarious, but I'm definitely an introvert.

John, good article. That actually covers the fact that being shy or having social anxiety are not actually related to being an invrovert/extrovert.

I strongly suspect that most high tech fields are dominated by introverts. That's been my experience in IT and in software development. I am not sure what these poll results say about our industry, especially since an online poll is likely to be skewed toward introverts.

Update: So You think your one or the other

Ask yourself these Questions:

  • Do you like Crowds,Congestion,Cities,Games,Closed areas with lots of people , Large Parties or the like?
  • Do you like to be in front of people , events , and able to speak your mind or be heard?
  • Do you like to Tell others , give the speech , be in front of the line or class?
  • Do you stand up with out reservation and speak your mind in front of people?

These are outward symptoms of a extrovert (a must be heard attitude) 1st born Trait , Leader Trait

On the other hand:

  • Do you spend a lot of time by yourself , in thought , reasoning things out , researching , educating alone , on the computers , in front of non personable things or items which don't really respond emotionally?
  • Do you prefer to speak one on one , smaller crowds , areas of non conflict?
  • Do you spend most of your time alone, in areas where there is no confrontation?
  • Do you like Solitude , open areas , lots of space around you and your comfort level?

Then this is a symptom of an introvert , follower , 2nd or 3rd born , some traits carry over depends on birth order and where you had to be in your circumstances.

I had a previous 20 year career as a police officer. You cannot be an introvert.