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Introduction To Video Surveillance

Hi Guys, I am new to the video surveillance market and as such I am looking for some introductory courses to get an understanding of the market, the technologies and terminologies that are used. Can anyone recommend online courses or refrences that I should look at to get a grasp of the basics and then move forward from there. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

That's a good question, and IPVM can help. We have a self-paced introductory course that I'd start with. Find it here:

IP Video 101 Training

We also run an IP Camera Fundamentals class periodically. The Fall session is wrapping finals up now, but we'll run another one in April of 2015. Those are six week (12 session) courses that walk through video basics, from material already located on this site to members, just presented in a structured format.

That's a good start! Feel free to ask loads of questions. I can help point you to the right resource here on the site, and we have thousands of resources to query (our community of members) in discussions.

We have a book too, that we just updated - IP Camera Book 2015.

I can vouch for IPVM as a good video training 101 one stop shopping training. A year ago, I didn't know anything about video surveillance, and now I'm in the process of closing out my first project (30 cameras). I do have a background in computers, so that might of helped me pick it up quickly, but a membership to IPVM is well worth the money.

Don't get me wrong, I don't consider myself a pro yet and I still have a ton to learn. The difference however is that now I'm comfortable enough to actively go out and solicit video surveillance work. What IPVM did, was allow me to get over that first project hurdle, which is impossible if you know nothing. Although I plan to continue with IPVM (because one should never cease to grow & learn), I now can also gain even more knowledge on the job, which is a whole different skillset.

So in short, don't look any further. If you are a good, self-disciplined learner, it's all here.

Fantastic advice thank you. Thank you for sending across the additional resources also, I really appreciate it.