Internet Explorer 11 Not Supporting AMC Anymore?

My corporation just pushed down an Internet Explorer 11 upgrade. After upgrading I noticed IE 11 isn't supporting Axis Media Control streaming as the default viewing method. Despite having IE as the default browser, streaming via AMC (ActiveX), IE 11 is opening in Quick Time. It takes a long time to open, sometimes causing IE to crash. I have to enter credentials a few more times as well. I've also lost the ability to use some of the manual trigger buttons on the live view page. Not to mention many of our operators don't like change, so it's beneficial for cameras to open "like they used to".

I've found I can add a camera to the IE 11 Compatibility View List and then it will open via AMC, but the idea of having multiple Officers adding hundreds of cameras one at a time to multiple machines is frightening.

Anyone have any suggestions on why IE 11 isn't opening the Axis Live View page in AMC, and is instead forcing me to use Quick Time despite the fact that AMC is set as the default.

Tony, I asked Axis for feedback, will post if/when received.

Thanks, John. I also contacted our network guys and it might be an internal issue.

Axis points to this FAQ:

If no video is showing up in Live View, using Internet Explorer 10 or 11, the browser emulation mode/compatability view should be changed.

Following Firmwares need a workaround for IE10 and IE 11, described in this FAQ.

  • 5.20.X
  • 5.40.X

Following Firmware are without permanent workaround but have an updated Firmware with automatic compatability switch. Please update you camera to the latest Firmware in these cases.

  • 5.50.1 -> 5.50.3
  • 5.50.2 -> 5.50.4
  • 5.51.1 -> 5.51.2

In order to set a persistent emulation mode, add each device's IP address to the Compatibility View list. This is done under Tools > Compatibility View settings.

If using Tools > F12 developer tools and set Browser Mode and Document mode to IE9, the emulation mode will only be set for the current page.

For detailed instructions on how to set up Compatibility View, please see the document Make Internet Explorer 10/11 fully compatible.

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