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Interior Cellular Cameras - Need Amplifier?

Hi Folks,

Our Company ( sells IP66 cellular time lapse cameras for construction sites. Our system takes a photo every 15 minutes and sends to our server where it is then displayed on our clients custom webpage that we build for them. For the first time we've been asked to provide coverage of an Interior construction/retrofit of a 100,000 sqft warehouse. Architect seems to think that they will need 2-3 cams to cover the job.

Our vendor recommends a signal amplifier (BDA) so that we can employ the same exact system inside without the hassles of trying to go through someone else's network.

Has anyone done this type of thing before? Can anyone make recommendations?


That would imply that you have no or weak signal inside the building where these are going. Is that the case? If you test it out, even with just a phone utilizing the same service, and you have good connectivity then you should be good to go. We've installed a few cellular repeaters of this nature before, Wilson Electronics in particular. They can be goofy to deal with.

We have not had the opportunity to check out the reception inside the building but since it is a warehouse with a lot of metal we are definetely concerned with that. Client will also be moving the cameras around as constrution progresses.

Our Raven XE with 295 P Digital Antenna gets less then adequate performance inside of our office which is on the 2nd floor of a 2 story brick building.

John, when you say 'one vendor' are you alluding to a cellular carrier or? I'd be curious to hear what the carrier you plan to use has to say (Verizon, AT&T, etc.)?

I don't have experience in this. I did find a fairly technical article from PC World on boosting weak cell service that might be interesting.

Hi John,

My hardware vendor is Astral Communications in CO. I also spoke with VZ and they pretty much steered me toward 4G but that's not really practical re: costs, dual antennas, and keeping IP 66 status with our system so that the client can re-use our system outside on his next job if he desires. Plus there is no guarantee that we still won't need an amplifier even with 4G as the client will be moving the cameras around as construction progresses.

Astral seems to have the best recommendation so far...

Thanks for the link, will check it out!