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Interesting - Terra Harvest From The Defense Intelligence Agency

Do these problems sound familiar? The DIA did and it looks like they created a system to solve it.

A nice Brief of Everything

Terra Harvest presentation (Above image is from presentation pdf)

Terra Harvest website

Short Intro and Conclusion

I have no idea what this is or the problem it solves. How about a summary?

Read this article and you will understand. Basically they have/are creating an open system with various proprietary and closed systems/parts. In fact, I saw a Honeywell picture when it came to sensors in another document.

What is interesting about this is not just the proprietary and closed software systems they will be making interoperable is going even further and standardizing power plugs and etc.

On a side note that is interesting in this article

  • The alarm sensors the military uses rarely have false alarms
  • Some of the video capabilities seem too good to be true

Maybe cheaper solution is just find out who leaving sensors unattended in first place? Hard fix policy: no sensor left behind....