Integrators, Would You Get A Tattoo Of Your Company's Logo?

That's dedication:

I swear at ISC West in maybe 2009 someone got a Dotworkz tattoo, but I've never been able to find the pic/tweet again.

If you love your company and have no plans to leave, why the hell not?

...ask a Samsung Techwin employee why the hell not?

ok, I am retarded - never even looked at the tatoo before I responded. :)

I voted it funny

Lol. From now on I'll just post the straight lines and you hit the punch...

I'm not a tattoo kind of guy, so take this with a grain of salt. There is NO WAY I would ever get a tattoo of ANY company logo, mine or otherwise.

Sure, right next to the tattoo of my wife's name, which is under the barbed wire tattooed around my arm.

Now for things that actually happened: I do know a guy who has a very large Martin Logan emblem tattooed on his arm, and he never even worked for them!

Does it work with their building's Access Control system?


You joke but...

Edit: Oh... this was a thread necro.

That guy in your link's legal name is Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma Meow-Meow.

No offense to Mr. Chang, but I beg you not to click on his link. :)

He's a bit of an oddball I'll give you that. I met him once.

I knew a guy at Panasonic who had a Toughbook tattoo, and he still got laid off.

New WSJ Article: Nice Tattoo! I Didn’t Know You Worked at Walmart

Employees ink company logos on arms, legs and backs in a show of corporate loyalty. “My son was like, ‘You’re an idiot,’” says one executive

That is a funny question. I have always offered to pay for the tattoo if any of my employees would get one of our logo. This would make a great tramp stamp. But to answer the questioned asked, not me.

Well if this becomes a trend you are going have guys & gals running around branded by half of the industry looking like a bad MMA fight in East LA at a Biker Convention.








ZWIRN (lol).

White Trash Bash - names crossed out fake tattoo

Stereotypical millennials at retirement if we got a tattoo for every employer

Edit: The image was an unintentional political statement. Admittedly I didn't even look at it, I just grabbed the first "Nascar jumpsuit ads" image I saw.

There is space on the photo to attached Viagra corp.

Depends on where, what it looks like, and what they would pay me for it.

I have 100+ Tattoos but I can assure you none have anything to do with Day job type employment not would I consider it even if they paid for it, I own me not the company. You have to set the right attitude in motion on the day of the interview. I make it clear that I dont use time clocks nor will I wear a shirt with my name on it but I can assure you that I will do a better job than your two best employees.

Would you wear a shirt with someone else's name on it?

Come on #2, a shirt is fundamentally different than a tattoo, i.e., you can easily take it off.

I was not comparing a shirt with a tattoo...

UDI#5 stated:

"I make it clear that I dont use time clocks nor will I wear a shirt with my name on it"

I stand corrected!

I'd rock an IPVM shirt. But not a tattoo!

Can you get blood out of a rock, go figure.....

not sure what that even means.....

but let's digress a bit to your original comment:

when you show up for a job interview, you tell the hiring person that you don't work on a time clock and you won't wear a shirt with your name on it.

may I inquire why?

may I also inquire how many job interviews you've been on where you didn't get the job?

Does it really matter why? What does matter here is that I have the confidence in myself which many folks do not have and they start the employment process, on the wrong foot, sheepishly (in my opinion).If the employers thinks he can get over he will, its natural for them to do that. Have you ever refused a raise? Been there too, was an incorrect delivery of the raise, so I refused it. I did not like the way it was explained as to why I was receiving a compensation adjustment. Sound crazy, read on....Yes it rattled chains all the way to the top, but when I was finally asked by the owner why would anyone refuse a raise, I replied it takes more than one to make a team and you need to help others that are less fortunate than myself ( I made 125K+ a year at that time, selling Camera systems). He agreed with me, I received a promotion, a larger raise and my fellow teammates where taken care of also.

So things are not always as the look at first glance....

If they paid me enough for it...

Temporary? StrayTats

Lol, is that ADT tattoo real? I did a google image search but there were no matches returned.

Looks like a temporary tattoo. Typically the kind of things kids get at street festivals. Looks like you can get them in your company logo (or any other image) temporary tattoos - it's not that much money.

I think IPVM should hand these out at ISC West - then do a photo contest for the most 'interesting' tattoo pictures.

Isn't that ASG Phil Aronson's new tat?