Integrators, What Do You Use For Payroll Software / Processing?

I am considering using ZenPayroll for IPVM and I am curious what you use.

I presume most, even small businesses, have an accountant handle this but ZenPayroll claims that they pretty much do everything automatically for under $100 per month for even a dozen employees.

Any experiences with this or any other software?

I'll tell you my opinion if you drop $5 into my PayPal account! ;-)

(But for the record, ZenPayroll seems to have a lot of fans with one hater (a good ratio). But I think Intuit is also sufficient)

we use quickbooks... for no reason other than we can invoice and do proposals out of it as well...

Over the years I've used payroll services(ADP), accountants, and bookkeepers; but I always end up going back to Quickbooks payroll.


Intuit Quickbooks, In use for 21 Years, Works Well,, Updates Payroll when required, the program updates every two to three years Additional cost. Payroll software is a subscription service.

Let you invoice customers, Email your invoices, Pay vendors, Etc.


Lou Marrero

Chicago Communication Systems, Inc.