Integrators, How Often Do You Use ONVIF To Connect To Cameras?

From what I've seen most cameras sold today claim some degree of ONVIF compliance.

But I'm wondering, how many of those cameras are actually using ONVIF in production?

Rough overall guesses are fine.

I know that it totally depends on the camera and recorder capabilities, e.g. "never use ONVIF when we use Milestone/Axis" or "no other choice when we XYZ brand, so always", but I am looking for an guess on how likely a camera is to be using ONVIF on a blind service call.


Probably worth doing a survey.

I think ~10-20% overall with variances depending on what VMSes support what cameras (e.g., Avigilon VMS users will be higher than average since they use ONVIF for their own non Pro cameras but Milestone users will be lower since they have such broad direct integration).