Integrators, Have You Been Burned By CDW?

Share your experiences.

This concern was first raised here - Axis: Skip The Traditional Dealers. Buy All Your Cameras From CDW and then further here: CDW: We Love You Axis But Here is Samsung for 50% Less.

Terry asked:

"How many of us have been burned by end users picking our brains and then buying from CDW? I lost a Panasonic deal to CDW a couple of years ago with a local small town South Florida PD. I had what I thought was a great relationship with the chief doing negotiated work for years. On one occasion (and the last) the IT guy went around me and bought from CDW to save a few bucks. When he couldn't figure out how to spin up his ND400 he actually called me to ask for help. After bitching to the Panasonic rep I got the standard " we'll look into it" and " you need to register your jobs"."

How about you? Any experiences to share?

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I have seen a manufacturer do everything possible to win an account that would only buy through CDW/CDWG. Then once they were in as a disty, everything went to hell. They didn't know the product, didn't stock anything, tried to undercut on pricing, with no value added. I know that people left the manufacturer becaused they were so ticked off, and it hurt relationship, etc...