Integrators, Do You Brand The Products You Install?

Member John B posted a tweet mentioning this.

I've certainly seen this before in the field but I am not sure how commonplace this is.

Here was John B's example, with his company's name on a card reader:

On the plus side, it is certainly good advertising. On the negative side, I could see some clients demanding it be removed. One major example comes to mind is Target. I am pretty positive they go out of their way to strip / hide any camera branding.

What do you think?

Also, vote:

We have several large clients and clients who we win through bids that do not allow us to brand our installs. Aside from those clients, we brand everything.

We do it so or clients employees know who to call when there's a problem, when a new tenant moves into a space we want to make sure they call us and not someone else, and of course for advertising.

The majority of our referrals come in from our logos on touchscreen keypads at retail establishments.

It's great until the rebadger goes belly up and the end-user thinks the manufacturer went out of business.

The furthest extent we do is put our logo on Dahua DVRs/NVRs screens, but not on the actual physical product. This shows up on boot up and on empty channels as a placeholder.

We also place our company info and logo on help screens whenever we do iPad controls for AV systems. We use OnControls and custom make all pages and graphics.

The other last thing is we have used our logo for the user account in Windows for the Admin account. We generally use the customer logo for the Standard user.

I am curious why you would need the customers permission to professionally brand a product. My idea of professionally branding isn't a company sticker on an item but rather a professionally applied logo such as in an oem situation.

We don't professionally brand items but I have heard feedback from a dealer that stated their customers are more likely to contact them for replacement parts even when a equal could be found easily online because their logo is on it.

Keefe, some of our customers ask us not to place any logos on their property. Not sure what the reason is for it.

We use a company with a UV printer to burn all of our logos in the hardware we install and DMP allows us to change logos on all of our keypads. If done right, it looks clean. Up until now, we havent done it with cameras but we're going to start doing it soon.

We would never ever ever ever ever accept any non OEM branded (is that right way to say that?) equipment on our sites. We have had push back for designers and architects who want the AXIS, Pelco, Lenel, Tyco etc name covered or removed from products. We have had to jump through hoops to make that happen at certain sites. So if an integrator had their name on something, no matter how nice or professional it looked, I would lose my mind.