Integrator Salary Update - What Do You Want To Know?

We published the updated Manufacturer Sales Compensation Report this week, and want to follow up with an update to the Integrator Salary Results 2014 report.

What data points are members most interested in? Are there compensation items like health benefits or education allowance that you'd like to see feedback on?

Post your ideas here and we'll incorporate the best ones into the survey.

Without getting too detailed, hopefully, I think the important points to measure are,

Highest level of position.

Years experience.

Education credentials.

Regional location.

Total value of compensation. Someone making $50,000 a year with no benefits may be making less than someone making $47,000 a year with benefits.

And don't count overtime. If someone makes $60,000 a year by working 20 hours a week in overtime pay, I think only base 40 hours should be reported, not the overtime pay. Being able to trade off your life for working an extra 20 hours a week does not necessarily mean the job is more valuable.

oh boy oh boy oh boy. Definitely want to see this.

Would love to see the total compensation for the following:

New sales people - salary vs commissions

veteran sales people - same

Sales management or sales engineer types

technicians hourly base rate and what modifiers are used...

does anyone compensate for training or certifications?

office staff would even be nice to see what everyone else is doing.

what kind of benefits are people offering? how much is their 401k match? etc...

is anyone else doing any kind of quarterly or annual profit sharing?

Then theres the owner. Id love to see how Im stacking up against my peers as well, but I guess this should be a percentage of revenue, maybe... :)