Integrator's Don't Know Interview Series?

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Have you seen those series where an interview asks people on the street seemingly basic questions and the subjects screw it up.

For example:

I was thinking to do this at a trade show. Get a couple of people, ask them basic questions about video surveillance or access control and see how many bombed.


when they turn off the free money for the useless eaters ( you can tell which ones buy their answers) they should weed them selves out after about 3 weeks or so. unfortunately the last two people are viewed as terrorist now a days.

if its about the trade shows the best answers will be the ones from the employees about their CEO's/owners or their latest buy out.

but if you really want to troll people there you should ask the low levels employees how they feel about getting bought out by Hikvison ( even if they are not)

When I interview people one of the questions I ask is what is the difference between a bit and a byte. About half don't know.

1.) I don't know that trade shows are the best forum to really get a true sample of integrator knowledge. It would be important to notate who exactly you were talking to and what exactly they are.

2.) I, personally, wouldn't really feel comfortable humiliating people on video unless they were doing or saying things that were totally shady, but that's your call. I also am not a big fan of those videos like posted above, so take that for what it's worth.

3.) There is no doubt it would be absolutely hilarious.

2, good feedback. I agree about not humiliating people directly. Maybe blur their face out?

Related, with a video like the one shared, it is unclear how edited it is, e.g., did he talk to 100 people and those were the only handful that did not know, etc.

What would really be interesting is to give a basic tech quiz to the people who speak at events on video surveillance. See what they really know, I have been surprised over the years about fairly well known people who knew little about even basic technical points despite pontificating about trends and the future of video surveillance.

What would really be interesting is to give a basic tech quiz to the people who speak at events on video surveillance...

Proposed question:

Who claims the highest resolution Multi-MegaByte camera of all time?

  1. Scallop Imaging
  2. Samsung Techwin
  3. Arecont
  4. Nonsensical question

Answer: 1, claiming a whopping 7MB, Scallop Imaging is the clear winner in the MegaByte camera race, besting both Samsung Techwin at 5MB and Arecont at 2MB by a wide margin.

Would it be funny and entertaining, sure, but I think it would prove to be more negative than positive for IPVM. I just don't see the value overall to the members. We can watch Jimmy Kimmel if we want to see idiots on the street. Demeaning people in the industry isn't going to endear them to become members. They will only resent you. Along with others here of differing experience and knowledge. I would take a pass on this idea.

For sure, demeaning specific individuals who are just regular working people is not the intent.

I would like to find some way to more accurately measure / show the level of skill (or lack thereof) for the average industry person. Related, regular commenters on IPVM tend to assume everyone knows things like smart codecs or the impact of shutter speed or how bandwidth varies etc., but I am guessing that if you quizzed installers who regularly did video surveillance at a local event, that the results would be pretty poor.

Maybe just do a survey of people and aggregate the results, no cameras or anything. Give people a $5 starbucks card, etc. and ask them some basic tech questions for 5 minutes?

I think the main thing, for me anyways, is the gotcha angle. If it were aimed at evaluating the true knowledge base in general, no harm done. If it is aimed to ridicule the less knowledgable, I think that takes a negative tone. Just my 2 cents.