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Integration VMS / Aiphone

Just wondering if anyone has been able to integrate the AIPhone JK series using the JKW-IP Video Intercom over IP Adaptor into a VMS yet?


Duncan, I'll leave this to Brian, Ethan and others.

As background to this discussion, here's our comparison of enterprise intercoms and Aiphone overview. Here's Brian's general comment about Aiphone from that comparison:

"Far and away, Aiphone is the least expensive of the three options. In some cases, pricing is as much as 50% less than rivals plus the IS series does not require the cost of licensing compared to the other options. However, integration into other systems is much more difficult than the other two options. Aiphone is a good choice when a simple, minimally integrated intercom system is desired."

I'll mirror Ethan's comments. This is something you wish would happen, but never seemed to be taken as a serious request.

what about Jacques & Jorash???

Official word from AIPhone.

"Unfortunately we do not have any current plans with the JKW-IP system that would allow it to generate an RTSP stream to integrate with VMS systems.


Aiphone Technical Support"

I expect the response I get from them later today or tomorrow will read the same. Disappointing.

Thanks for sharing, Duncan.