Integrating Access Control, Alarm, IP Camera Monitoring Through One GUI Or Software?

The more we start to move into in house development in IT or low voltage companies. The more we start to realize the benefits of interfaces that achieve the capability of tying in different low voltage products into one main software or graphical interface. Which of you have used or worked with clients before to develop such a configuration?

1, are you looking to develop your own or are you looking to use a commercially available software package? The latter is typically called PSIM and there are a handful of vendors who do this (though most charge hundreds of thousands for this).

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I am not sure if these guys would do what you are looking for. However, you should check them out. They have many integrations. We've never worked with them, but I have spoken to their US reps on several occasions and found them extremely helpful.

I haven't studied it and have only briefly seen it in action as a box running Exacq, but Tyco/Kantech Intevo is supposed to do all of this.

There are many companies who offer integration between their own access control, alarm and video.

#1, do you already have products you want to integrate together or are you open to choosing 3 new products from one manufacturer?