Installation Tip: Trenching Under Sidewalks

We recently published a guide on trenching for surveillance. In that update, we cover a broad gamut of application details, however there is one very common case not addressed: Running cable under Sidewalks.

Trenching tends to indicate a comprehensive effort with many feet of cable run underground. However, the need to run cable under a simple sidewalk is a common issue, but doesn't really fall under the scope of trenching.

An useful installation tip for this is shown in the image below:

Short conduit runs underground can be neatly run through PVC by installing a hose coupling on one end, and a nozzle jet on the other. Digging a hole to one side of the sidewalk, turning on the water, and letting the water 'blast' the soil and sand under a sidewalk allows you to eventually slide the entire length of PVC under the concrete.

Once fully under the walk, the ends of the PVC pipe can be removed, leaving a length of conduit in the ground without breaking any concrete.

(Warning: be prepared to get wet and muddy when attempting this!)

Anyone else have trenching tips? Shovel preferences? Vaccum pulling equipment?

On a larger scale, it's called jack and bore.

Directional boring is similar but without the trench at both ends.