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Installation Help - High Salt Location Installation


We are in the process of deploying a CCTV system in an area close to an ocean, and I am concerned with the salt concentration that will be in the air and anchoring options. Can anyone with some installation experience in installing in these areas offer some suggestions on the anchor type that we should be using when installing camera back boxes to a building exterior in these areas? Should we be opting for an plastic anchor verses a stainless steel anchor? I’ve seen some pictures of this site with existing electrical boxes completely eroded away from the salt, granted the device box has been in for some time but I was surprised on what happened to the box. I’m currently a designer land locked all around me and I am not certain if this as large of an issue as I may be making it either. Your comments and suggestions will be well received, and I thank you in advance.

Our plant is lies at sea and we too have problems with the sea air.

Basic rule is, don't use aluminium. It erodes into dust in a matter of years. One tap with a hammer will turn it into dust.
All our housings are either stainless steel or plastic. Steel also rots away quite fast, not as fast as aluminium though.

See our Marine Surveillance Systems post. Excerpt:

"Salt is brutal on unprotected metal and wood....

  • Vandal resistant housings are recommended for all locations, since they are usually made of coated aluminum, rather than thin plastic or painted steel.
  • Unitized cameras are a very good choice for the coast. Bullet cameras and speed domes with integrated housings tend to have better seals against moisture and insects than box cameras in external housings.
  • All hardware (screws and bolts) should be stainless steel."

Thanks for your help- greatly appreciated!

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