Injecting Audio Onto Video Stream Without Hardwiring Into Camera

Got the following request:

Customer has 3 Axis Q 1604-E cameras mounted on a Yacht bridge. Customer would like to allow passengers to view these cameras (with music overlay).

Customer needs a device to input audio on the IP stream. (Customer can’t run any more wires, since the penetrations from outside are already sealed and Certified as per Maritime Law) is there any device that could inject audio on the IP stream. Yacht’s video automation software vendor insist that video & audio must come as one feed, they don’t mix or blend signals in their system.

Any ideas?

To my knowledge, you're not going to be able to do this without re-encoding the stream, unless you had a specialized client app that specifically allowed this.

The easiest way might be to setup a VLC server to pull a stream and then re-encode it with an audio track. That would also give you the benefit of keeping the camera viewing clients from directly accessing the cameras.

Also, I'm assuming these cameras are in enclosures? It *might* be possible to get a small solid state MP3 player and embed that in the enclosure. Feed the audio output to the cameras audio input (also assuming the audio in is currently not used). You could power the MP3 unit off of the same power as the camera, or with a PoE splitter if it's powered via PoE.

What about the Axis P8221?

Can I use this to overlay the audio onto the video?

Are you essentially looking for a wireless IP mic?

With that camera you don't need a powered mic but still have the dilemma of a short run of stereo cable. Can you add conduit between a mic and the camera?

Nope, can't add nothing.

  1. Connect MP3 output to talkback input of VMS client.
  2. Connect audio output of camera to audio input of camera.
  3. Enjoy!

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Put an iPod inside the camera housing and connect it to the audio input of the camera :-)

And power the iPod from the Mic inputs phantom power source.