Ingram Wants To Get Physical With You?

Give Ingram an A for effort. They may not know what they are doing (e.g., Disaster at the Ingram Micro Pavilion, Ingram Micro is Back to Defend IP!, etc.) and they are being assimilated into a Chinese airliner, but they keep on going after the security industry.

Check it out:

This was an ad in a security trade magazine.

What do you think?

Post acquisition tagline:

"Physical Security from the Fiscally Secure."

Who really looks at ads?

Who really looks at ads?

2, you win!

That's probably true, not a lot of people reading print trade magazines these days.

I did find it interesting that companies from the IT side like Ingram and Cisco call us 'physical security' or 'physec' when most people on our side avoid those terms. Using 'physical', I think signals that they don't get it (like Ted Cruz / basketball 'ring').

Everybody who read this article, for starters.

This looks like it's an ad for a diet bet.

I don't know exactly when in the last 20 years things changed, but apparently now, a man wearing a pair of diamond studded earrings is synonymous with 'drill seargent'.

While I don't feel I am an intended target for this ad, I do think it would be a decent as for the intended audience.