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Inexpensive But Good Access Control Solution To Work With Avigilon?

We have a 8 camera Avigilon Intall that we would like to integrate an access control solution.

We would wwant to control 4 doors. I we also would like at 3 of them a video built into the buzzer and that it can be viewed by a standalone device.

Any suggestions?

Hello Undisclosed:

Great question. First, have you looked at RedCloud? Avigilon purchased RedCloud earlier this year, and presumably the integration framework and dealership pricing is being worked in-house.

I took a quick look and red cloud but had some issues /questions.

1-They are still working on details, so e a while until I can sell Red Cloud

2- The only other access control that I have really worked with is Roslare which is a fraction of the price. albeit not nearly the amount of features.

3-how would I integrate a video buzzer to it?

Thanks for that feedback on Redcloud.

In reviewing the list of Avigilon's ACC integrations with Access systems, just about every brand on the list is an 'enterprise grade' platform that requires dealership status to resell and install. Also, you'll notice that every platform but Hirsch's Velocity and the now-defunct Casi-Rusco platform integrate video into the access platform, not access into ACC.

This means that:

1) An access system integration would require your customer to learn (and perhaps primarily use) the access platform rather than ACC.

2) To do this yourself, you almost are guaranteed the need to contact an Access Company regarding a dealership. Obviously, this is a business strategic decision not based on one small job.

3) You could put in a small, 'non integrated' system now using Edge HID or Mercury Security controllers, and eventually move it (read: pay more $$$) to an integrated RedCloud system once the acquisition firms up.

4) You could 'settle' for a non integrated system, and just run an inexpensive access system and ACC separately.

If this is 'just' one job, you might consider asking an existing dealer in your area to help with this project.

The price difference is honestly probably not going to stop the customer, as they will probably be willing to pay the premium for a better product.

My main issue is that they are not taking to installers currently, and the process of converting Avigilon dealers over is not in place yet. So I cantpurchase their products.

Also, do you have a suggestion of tying in a video door phone to it that can be viewed on a standalone monitor or on a computer?


That's a good suggestion. RedCloud is not expensive, simole to use and now that Avigilon has purchased them they have no yearly maintenance fees.