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Inexpensive But Decent PTZ?

For low cost camera installs, I currently use Hikvision 3mp cameras. I know their image sensor is not the best, but for most of the low cost jobs, it is good enough. Is there PTZ with decent zoom along the same lines? Meaning that it has a decent image sensor and should be low cost? A big plus if it is PoE.


So Hikvision (and Dahua) fall under the inexpensive but decent category for PTZs as well as fixed. Have you rejected those two and are looking for others? Also, how inexpensive are you looking at? You want an outdoor speeddome for $500, $100, no more than $2000?

I just started looking around. I have found from my distributor, Hikvision 2mp 20x for about $1100 and 30X for about $1500. Is that the price range that they are going to be going for? I am looking to see what I can offer customers who want to spend as little as possible while still getting decent quality IP with PTZ.


Another J.H. is getting them a hair ($100) cheaper over here.

I have installed a few Hikvision Speed Domes and I really like them, we have an Axis Q6035 here at our office for a demo, but I prefer the Hikvision with the IR. IMO the Hikvision outperforms the Axis.


HIK with IR rocks

Check out the Advidia A-200P PTZ, which I think beats the HIKvision camera with a 3-year warranty, 3-year Advanced Replacement Guarantee, US-based support, Video Insight VMS license and lifetime software upgrades included. They also have a B-210 model (2MP, 10x, PTZ, PoE, dome format) coming out in a couple of weeks ... same added features.

(Full disclosure: I am a dealer for the Advidia line)

Isn't Advidia just Hikvision + VI logo / free VMS license?

Some Advidia are. Plus US-support, 3y Advanced Replacement, lifetime sw upgrades. More than your typical OEM

BTW, it seems there are only 1/2 dozen or so true camera makers in the world ... with 100+ brands delivering those cameras with various value-adds (or not, in some cases). Just like GM makes Chevy, Olds, Buick, Cadillac, etc

How does the pricing of Advida compare to Hikvision?

Close, slightly higher to cover the value-adds, warranty, etc

I'm personally quite fond of the Samsung SNP-5300

Hik Brand PTZs (and all products) also offer 3 year Warranty standard.


ATV offers a couple different PTZ cameras that you should check out. Our IPSDMV122 offers PoE 12VDC and 24VAC and 12x, 5.3 - 62.6, Auto-Focus, Optical Zoom Lens with 16x Digital Zoom Function. We also have another PTZ coming soon, the IPSD302TWI (Synchronized IR LED & Fixed IR LED up to 450ft and 30x, 4.3 - 129mm, Auto-Focus, Optical Zoom Lens with 16x Digital Zoom Function). Both cameras are 2MP and come with a 36 month warranty as well. Couple pictures below:


try LT Security Inc. (626) 435-283 139 N. Sunset Ave, City of Industry, CA 91744

A Hikvision OEM but way lower priced a 30X PTZ $699


Call me an heretic but Hikvision images are in many instances besting top cameras. the WDR implementation is not the best but if the llighting is nott oo challengingthe pictures are very,very to excelent to superior to what I amseeing from Axis or other celebrated brands. Their prices (and perhaps support) belie their quality. Othe rmanuffacturer better beware of them. Their PTZ is great BTW...