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Inexpensive 5-50 MP Lens

Can anyone recommend an inexpensive 5-50mm MP lens? Thanks.

I've seen a number of people use the Fujinon YV10x5HR4A-2, generally available for $100 USD or less.

Is that expensive or inexpensive for you?

Probably the most inexpensive option is to contact a Chinese lens provider, like Evetar, and buy directly. Obviously, quality is a concern there.

Thanks, this is helpful.

I would like to know if anyone has had luck obtaining Evetar lenses in the U.S. They are the OEM for a number of Arecont's lenses and we like Arecont's MPL33-12 for general use. Our cost on the Areconts is ~$120 each.

The Arecont MPL33-12 translates to Evetar's M125VM3312IRR7 lens but when I contacted Evetar after seeing them at ISC West, they responded with "in order to do our best support for you for our initial business, our quotation for quantity‚ȧ 50pcs would be: $34.8/ea FOB XiamenChina, T/T before shipment".

The price is right but we are not set up to import products directly from China.

I've come to prefer the Tamron M13VG850 8-50mm to the Fujinon lens. It seeems a little bit easier to focus.

How much does the Tamron cost (roughly)?

Looks to be about $170.


Is there a known good lens at ~50USD, can be M12?

BTW, what is the definition of MP lens? in our case the pixel size is close to 4um.

You have an M12 5-50mm varifocal lenses? I don't know if anyone makes such a lens.

'MP' lenses are not well defined and tend to be marketing claims of manufacturers.